Considering Safety When Planning to Put in a Pool

When the summer sun hits, homeowners long for a pool filled with cool water to help them escape the heat. There are lots of things to consider when putting in a pool. But for those residents with kids, safety is one of the most important things to focus on before deciding on a pool design and the contents of the surrounding area. When the time comes to meet with pool builders in az, be sure to find out what safety options are available.

Fencing Around the Pool

There are lots of different swimming pool designs to choose from. Some are standard size and rectangular, perfect for those looking to swim laps regularly. Others have curves that create a completely unique shape, adding to the aesthetic appeal. Either way, talk to the pool contractor about fencing around the pool. Some homeowners choose to have a large amount of space fenced in while others like to have the fencing following the same lines of the pool. Regardless of how it looks, it will keep kids from going into the pool area without supervision. The fencing also needs to be impossible for kids to climb.


Self Closing Gate

Fences are great, but don’t offer access into the pool area. Be sure to coordinate the self-closing gate with the fencing around the pool. The color, size, and style can blend in with the overall design of the pool. It is always a good idea to have gate access high enough that smaller children can’t reach it. When planning for the pool, think about where the gate should be located and how that will match the overall look of the space and the flow of people moving from the backyard into the pool area.

Rescue Equipment

A pool designer may not provide a homeowner with the necessary rescue equipment, but it is important that there is a space set aside for the storage of these items. For example, where will a ring buoy go when it isn’t in use? Will the pool have an emergency hook nearby? These items need to be close by for easy access but not in the way of the rest of the space.

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